Thursday, 5 January 2012

Great Grandfather Bear!

The final bear of the day!

Great grandfather bear! He was a successful plantation owner out west. Drawn by Jamie Ludlam see more of his work here.

I hope you have enjoyed Grizzly Bear Thursday today!

Azealia Banks Bear!

Azealia Bear by Chrissy Williams! This bear submission will only make sense if you know this song, listen to the last minute where the lyrics sound like Azealia Banks is singing "I eat the bear" repeatedly:


A triplet of bear submissions by Abi Hayward!


ROLLER BEAR by Becki Foot see her blog here

Jumper Bear!

Grizzly in a jumper by Jamie Pearce see more of his work at

Face Bear!

Face Bear by By Lize Meddings -

Steam Grizzly!

A Steam Grizzly by Jonathan Habens! See more of his artwork on his Flickr account here