Thursday, 24 February 2011

Fo Grizzle!

The final Grizzly Bear of the day is this awesome guy by Kristyna Baczyniski! Check out her blog or follow her on twitter!

See you next month for another Grizzly Bear Thursday! I'm sorting out a new prize so if you already have the Grizzly Bear badge who not submit another bear for a different prize? (details soon!)

Splash Bear!

A beautiful bear by Niege Borges from Brazil!

Snoozing Bear!

A colourful Grizzly catching some zzzz's by Kitty McKitten! See her etsy shop here!

Grizzly Bear Attack!!

Grizzly Bear clawing at a poor victim by Dave! RARGH!

Rudely Awakened Bear.

This afternoon's Grizzly (in every sense of the word!) is by Becky Barnicoat! Check out her blog or follow her on twitter!

Grizzly Dreams!

Grizzly Bear Thursday is back! While you are sleeping here is the first bear of the day by Savannah!

I've got an army of bears to post! I'll be putting a few up throughout the day and some more next Grizzly Bear Thursday (which will be in March!) and... every Grizzly Bear Thursday until I run out of bears. So keep sending them in!

And if you are in the UK you get a free badge sent in the post for your troubles. (if you live in US or elsewhere you can get a badge sent for $2 or 1 Euro/£1 to cover postage cost)

BEARS oh yeah