Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sweets Bear

Last bear of the day for this GRIZZLY BEAR THURSDAY by Andrew Wood of bright stem!

Have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian?

Grizzly bear and fish by Greg McLeod!

Street with Bear!

Bear by Michael Lansdell and photo by Anthony Jones!

Bear With Me!

A bear comic strip by Isaac Lenkiewicz!

For the Love of Grizzly!

An awesome colourful grizzly by Jasjyot Singh Hans, you can see more of his work here!


Here is a great Grizzly in colour and black & white by Douglas Noble!

Running Bear!!

It's that time again! GRIZZLY BEAR THURSDAY!

Here is our first bear of the day, a running bear by the excellent Darryl Cunningham. Be sure to check out his blog!