Wednesday, 2 December 2009


As that was the 1st of December post I wanted to say that I've decided that for a second time I will be sending out badges to EVERYONE WHO SENT IN A BEAR!! WOOOO! They are just all too good for me to choose from! So if you sent in a bear in the last batch email me with your address and I'll send out a grizzly badge to you! Well done everyone, the bears are great- keep sending them in! ♥


  1. oops that should really have been posted this coming thursday to make sense as Grizzly Bear Thursday...ach oh well!

  2. i didn't recieve mine from the first batch of bears :( *sob*

  3. oh no! I definitely sent you one! Email me again with your address and I'll send you another one this week! boo must have been lost in the post (the envelopes are quite tiny, I'll use a bigger one this time)